Stop Delaying Your YouTube Success!

Join Aileene and KDL as they take you by the hand and show you how to start a successful Youtube channel in 2021.


You’ll receive an easy-to-follow roadmap and the necessary mindset coaching to confidently get you in front of your audience, even if you’re just starting!

September 11 – October 9, 2021

Dear future YouTube Influencer!

Have you been delaying being on Youtube because you don’t know the right way to start?


Perhaps you have a ton of ideas and choosing what topic to go with is just making you more confused.


Maybe you’ve already done some research or even bought Youtube courses but you still find your channel empty with videos that you should have created yesterday.


So if you’re someone who needs clarity on how to proceed so you can really focus on what you can do to be consistent as a video creator,


And if you’re someone who want to find the courage and motivation to start a successful YouTube channel in 2021 but don’t like going through unnecessary trial and error –

Then Join us in our newest program -


It’s a 4-week jump-starter program that we’ve strategically crafted to coach ANYONE, even non-techie newbies, on how to start a successful Youtube channel in 2021.


And because not knowing the best way to begin, coupled with that daunting feeling that it might not work maybe what’s stopping you from uploading your first Youtube video,


Or preventing you from creating videos consistently.

Not only did we create Youtube Starters Club to guide you to learn the strategies that Aileene used to start and hit 100,000 subscribers in as quick as 1 year –


But we also applied Coach KDL’s mindset transformation approach to overcoming roadblocks into this workshop program –

So that you can start taking the necessary action that will spur you to create compelling videos that you love making week after week.

Let YouTube Starters Club jumpstart your YouTube success in 2021.

September 11 – October 9, 2021

Who is Youtube Starters Club For?

For the dreamer who aspires to influence 

For advocate who wants to spread a message that is close to their heart and want to influence more people to embrace their ideas and solutions. Starting with Youtube is perfect for you.

This is for the Work From Home parent who want to supplement their imcome  to do parenting videos, makeup, gardening, or hobby b

This is for the business owner who wants to use Youtube to spread their brand ang gain more customers.

From Not Knowing What to Share to Being A Consistent Video Creator

Hear from Desiree on how she became a consistent video creator after joining one of our video confidence programs even if she didn't feel like an expert before. She is now posting video content all over social media.

From Embarassed Vlogger Wanabee to Confident Video Creator

See how one of our programs helped Karen transform into an awkward and embarrassed home vlogger (who never put herself out there) into a confident video creator, and does FB videos everyday.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn:

What will you get from the YouTube Starters Club?

Also included:

KDL’s mindset transformation training integrated into the program to help you get consistent and confident as a video creator, so you can put yourself out there in front of your audience.

Super Bonus

For YSC action takers who complete all assignments during the program, you will be given access to our “YouTube Starters ELITE Club” for the next 2 months



YSC Elite is an exclusive V.I.P Group within YSC who will receive further support with weekly roadmap and content creation guides, and monthly Channel feedback, Q&A, and critique sessions.

Event Schedule

Week 0:
Jumpstarting Your Video Creator Journey without Overthinking

Thursday Sep 9 @ 8PM (Orientation)

Sat Sep 11 @ 10-11AM ( Zoom Training Call 1)

Sat Sep 11 @ 8-10PM (Zoom Training Call 2)

Week 1:

Creating Videos That Your Audience Care About

Sat 10AM-12NN (Zoom Training Call 3)
Thursday 8PM (Q&A Day)

Week 2:

Creating Videos That Your Audience are Eagerly Looking For

Sat 10AM-12NN (Zoom Training Call 4)
Thursday 8PM (Q&A Day)

Week 3 :

Creating Videos that Your Audience Will Watch Till the End

Sat 10AM-12NN (Zoom Training Call 5)
Thursday 8PM (Q&A Day)

Week 4: 

Making Your Video Creation Process Easy and  Consistent

Sat 10AM-12NN (Zoom Training Call 6)
Thursday 8PM (Q&A Day)

Should there be changes in schedule, it will be announced in the YSC Facebook group

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We designed Youtube Starters Club for the absolute beginner. And you don’t have to have a channel to start.

And for those who already have a channel and some videos, this will still work too.

Yes, discovering what topics you can discuss is part of the program. As long as you have a willingness to learn and will be intentional in doing the activities, you should be able to 

Coach KDL’s experience on helping people gain confidence in their life, including having the courage to go on camera is the very reason we have him onboard in this program.

The truth is, Youtube Starters Club is really a personal development program that simply uses Youtube video creation as a means to develop yourself and grow as a person. It just so happens that we discuss the technical knowhow on how to grow Youtube to achieve your goals too.

Absolutely! Pro video camers aren’t necessary to start a Youtube channel. As long as you can take videos on your phone, you’re good to go!


In fact, we recommend starting Youtube without buying new gear and simply using tools you already have.

The hardest thing is usually starting, and this is why we focused on helping in this phase of building a Youtube channel.

Youtube Starters Club will teach you how to tailor-fit your Youtube strategy based on your goals, whether that’s to get new clients or students, earn passive income, or even just to spread your influence and message to more people.

No problem! There’s supplement training to help you with simple yet essential edits that you need to complete your videos.

And you only need free apps you can download to your phone or laptop. It’s very easy to use and perfect for the non-tech savvy.

The bare minimum:


1) A positive attitude and an open mind. Your willingness to learn and apply the lessons is necessary for you to be able to maximize YSC

2) A video camera (can be a phone capable of capturing video and audio. Even if it’s not HD.

3) A laptop or phone (capable of installing editing apps). There are free editing apps available that we can recommend.


Also, there is no purchase requirement for setting up your background and lighting. During YSC, you can simply use the background and lighting you already have. While pro lights and fancy backgrounds are good to have, you regular house lights/window light, and a wall for your background is really more than enough.

Growing your Youtube channel from zero to 100k subs will be dependent on several things including the topic and audience you choose to serve, as well as your strategy and consistency in creating content.


And this course can give you the foundation required to be able to do just that.

The intention of Youtube Starters Club is to help you “start”. And starting is one of the most difficult phases in building a Youtube channel because of all the overthinking, procrastination, and even self-judgements we do that hinders you really doing it!

If you’ve purchased a Youtube program in the past and you’re still stuck from starting, it means you’re not benefitting from those programs. YSC can help finally start with Youtube so you can build momentum and pursue the video creation goals you have.

Weekend Lessons run for 2 hours each week, except for the first Saturday where there are 2 sessions totaling 3 to 3.5 hours.

Thursday Q&As run for up to 1 hour depending on 

There are also micro daily lessons each day that run for 5-10 mins max.

Finally, you will be given a video assignment each week which you can finish in about 1-2 hours.

September 11 – October 9, 2021

You don’t have to learn the looong and hard way!

During the 4 weeks of training, not only will we guide you on how to bring out that bold and confident YouTuber in you. But we’ll also teach you workable techniques that help us amplify our message to touch the lives of our untapped audience.

Meet Your YSC Mentors:


Aileene is a Youtuber and a low carb advocate.


With zero technical skills and zero knowledge of marketing on her belt before she started any social platform, she was able to organically grow her educational Youtube channel to 100k subscribers in just 10 months.


She also has a Facebook following of over 100k followers, and a Tiktok following of over 100k subscribers, which she also organically grew in less than 1 year without cross-promoting (and without ever dancing).

Coach KDL

Karlo de Leon, also called by his students as KDL, is a former pro-travel photographer turned lifestyle design coach and profit growth consultant.


His programs – Fearless, and Rewire Your Thinking – have been attended by thousands of freelancers and entrepreneurs and have helped hundreds of people change how they see themselves, get unstuck, and create impactful wins and breakthroughs in their life.


Coach KDL has been creating workshops, courses, and programs since 2004.

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